Watch Us LIVE!

Watch Rosa Lee LIVE! Thursday at 6:30 PM (Central Time) on our FaceBook page "Rosa Lee Sisterhood"

We have a live show every Thursday night at 6:30 PM. Our live show brings to you, marked down prices on in-store stock, brand new jewelry and apparel brought in just for the show, classic pieces of jewelry, and tons of entertainment as owner Dara Murphy and sidekick Ashlyn roll through 3 hours of jam packed selling using their own quirky yet sometimes hilarious personalities.


Who would have thought back in February 2017, the first live show would begin the catapult for the entire community of the Rosa Lee brand. But, somehow this duo of two generations started the ball rolling and it hasn't come close to stopping.


With anywhere between 3-6,000 weekly viewers, this crazy twosome has brought together a social media "sisterhood" with weekly committed viewers all over the nation. The live show has become the signature for Rosa Lee and single handedly started the intense growth that still exists today. The show even brought most of the staff together and is extremely unique in it's ideologies, humor, and in the close knit community of women (and men, children, and animals).


We hear people say daily of their families coming together to watch the "show" or that the show is their "me time" for the week. Whether buying or just being entertained, or hanging in for the nightly drawing worth $100s every week... it's something that has caught on like a wildfire.


Social media is a tool to be used. It's the way you choose to use it that can "make you or break you".

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