All Women, All Together.

Good morning Rosa Lee ladies. 

It’s time for another blog and another message from our hearts. 

First and foremost, thank you.  Thank you for your friendships and support over the last 3 years.  It means more than just purchases to all of us. It means new and old friendships, smiles and laughter, and a sisterhood we never imagined. In fact, we sometimes refer to “Us” as the Rosa Lee Army because it seems everyone begins to stick together in defense and prayer and everyday life situations.

From the very beginning of selling jewelry and a few clothes inside the one room of my home, to the stores we have now…it has been quite a journey.  With highs and definite lows, we have sustained what has been put before us and we will continue this path until we see the end…which by the way, is hopefully never-ending.

This blog was going to be written with an entirely different subject matter, but over the course of one single day, it has developed into something deep on my heart.
The subject is people. It’s the subject of traveling through life, and the people we do this traveling with…day to day, week to week, forever.

We are surrounded by people, some we like and some we don’t. SO, we make choices throughout each day as to what to say, how to say it, how to act, how to respond, if we should retaliate, if we  should remain quiet, should we give a hug, a kiss, a smile, turn the other cheek, apologize, hold hands, or sometimes…walk away. It’s hard to know what to do sometimes. And sometimes we mean well, but make the wrong decisions, or we make decisions out of emotions or selfishness…but then sometimes it seems we do everything right, and we rejoice and step back and are proud of ourselves.   

But through all of these things, we should remember one thing.  To love and forgive. Through all these things we should remember that we all make mistakes, we all stumble, we are all wrong at times, and we are all right at times.  But the most important of all, is to remember the forgiveness of the greatest forgiver, our father God. When we’ve messed up and when we’ve stumbled, and when we make ridiculous mistakes…He is a constant act of forgiveness and love. He loves us through our mistakes and wrong choices…He has given us the talents we hold, the free will to make choices, and the ability to love each other as He has loved us.  And this is how we are to be to one another. Yes, it’s hard. But it’s the way we should be.   

So, this blog is different.  It’s about you. It’s about the love we see and feel each day as ladies from all walks of life and stages of life, and cultures, and colors, walk through our doors.  Its about the words that we hear you say…the kindness you give to us and to each other. Its about the ladies who greet us via comments or in person, with love and gratefulness.  You are the reason we love our jobs. You are the reason we overcome the challenges and the trials we face. You offer us compassion and love and joy, even when the day seems bleak.

All women, all together…we come without barriers…to accept each other and to love each other. We pray, we laugh, we joke, and get loud.  We are strangers who become friends through this journey of Rosa Lee. We are friends who return to each other. We are family.

We are so grateful for the place you’ve made Rosa Lee to be. 

Your constant support and patronage has been unexplainable, immeasureable, and so very gracious. 

We get busy, overrun, and sometimes fall short…but you…you almost always seem patient and kind and forgiving.  And, for all of these things, we thank you.
SO very, very much.

Through these past 3 years we have been on a whirlwind...and you’ve remained.  We are overwhelmed and SO VERY excited for the future, and for the path that awaits Rosa Lee.  We are just chasing the dream, and chasing whatever comes are way…with you, with open arms, and with endless gratitude.

Have fun shopping, we hope you find something to make you smile, and we hope to see you all soon…either in our stores, online, or just when we pass by each other wherever we may be. 
We will always do our best for you…in sincere gratitude and thankfulness for what you’ve brought to us.

We love our Rosa Lee Army and we can’t wait to share tomorrow with you!!!  


- Dara Murphy

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  • Joyce on

    I have often looked at the outside of this store and wondered what was inside(along with my Mother) several times. Yesterday, February 25th, I ventured inside. It was not what I was expecting! It has a very elegant cozy feel. Its more like an experience than just shopping. I walked in and was immediately impressed by the decor before i even noticed the items being offered for sale! No one ran to me and screamed"May I help you?". In fact, no one knew i had entered the store. This is not a bad thing as I hate for someone to offer ‘help’ before I even truly enter the store. (I actually startled the salesperson when she saw me ;) & she seemed genuine in welcoming me, stating she was glad I stopped in ). The items offered for sale were not like anything I’ve come across in other stores and actually made me feel as if i was shopping in a very nice, upscale boutique—uncommon for little ole Anniston! The ladies have done a spectacular job in organizing and displaying the fabulous items in this boutique. Each item has its own beauty which makes a purchase of something as simple as a fine, delicate necklace, elevate your jewelry collection and elevate any outfit! I was not prepared for the many beautiful items in the store and was even more impressed when I read their story. This is a well planned boutique layout with prices i consider to be ‘boutique’. That is not to say anything negative. I feel you would get quality items at a quality price. But, I left thinking the way the clothes and the experience you would have most likely balance with the price. For me, I’ll have to return after deciding what’s just right there for me! Good luck Ladies! It definitely was an unexpected joyful experience!

  • Yvonne McCulley on

    Thank you Dara for following the Lords direction in your life! You’re a true blessing to all that know you. Thank you for surrounding yourself and your business with God’s love and the most loving people to help you! I truly love Rosa Lee Sisterhood and am praying to be able to see you in person soon! I love y’all ❤️🥰

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