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It's definitely a NEW YEAR isn't it?  Some of us...well, all of us...have been through things in the last year that we never dreamed possible in our lifetime.  At all different levels, we have had devastating changes with the COVID-19 pandemic; either tragic loss of a loved one or possibly in the financial realm of a business or personal situation, and even in our state of mind with such a life altering change as this has brought on.

I think it's safe to say that most of us wanted to hurry and get to a new (and improved) year with 2021 hopefully bringing good health and prosperity again.


Some of the things mentioned above will have an everlasting effect on many of us, and I believe to most of us, this situation has brought a new perspective of what things are most precious to us during this one shot at life. 


It's the intangibles. Isn't it? Those things we can't actually hold? 

It's the things that money can't buy. 

It's the family members, the friends, the SMILES we once could see...that are now behind a mask, the quality time of sitting down at a nice dinner or watching a movie in public.


These are just a few of the things that maybe, we didn't realize their importance before March of 2020.  But now we do. 

Some of us even wish we could hit rewind and start over.  Some of us want to fast forward. But I think ALL of us see our lives and the lives around us in a different light overall. Maybe now, we see it in a more precious and savored light.



With all this said; I am reminded of a day when I was down...really down...during 2020.  I called on my best friend, my daughter, to hopefully help me keep my perspective and gather my thoughts into more than the troubled heap of pity they were puddled in.  Life was seemingly knocking me around during this particular time...it seemed like darts and arrows were being thrown at me from all angles...and I was tired. 

I was worn out and weary, and I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. 

It seemed like the world was standing still, and I was spinning out of control. Tears came when I tried to hold them back. And on this day, I just stopped trying to hold them back. 


If I can just be real...I felt weighted, confused and as if the world was against me.  Yes, this is the humbling truth. 

And yet, I felt like I had to keep a smile somehow...I felt like I had to be strong...and quite frankly, I just didn't want to. 

I wanted to hide; maybe inside a cave on a remote island somewhere. Hide from everything...from the pandemic, from the responsibilities, from the blows that were being thrown at me, from the change. 

And to top it off, I felt as if I had not warranted what was happening TO me and ALL AROUND me...IT SEEMED SO UNFAIR!


It seemed as if I was having to be something I wasn't.

It seemed like I had to be strong for everyone else...holding all things together when I felt like crumbling myself.


I told ALL of this to my daughter, through the tears...And in her ever so strong will for life...the words came. 


Then came the words I needed from my little girl whom I once taught how to live...who now was teaching me...





Those 3 words changed my perspective almost instantly.  

What I knew all along came vividly to life...

God made ME to just be uniquely ME.  I wasn't supposed to be LIKE everyone else and I wasn't supposed to BE EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY.  I was just supposed to be ME, for HIM.  

And almost instantly, I woke up out of my self pity and confusion. 

It seriously was almost in an instant that these 3 words made me realize how easy life could be if I just concentrated on being who God made ME. 

Doing all things for Him, and WITH Him, and BECAUSE of Him.

SO, there it was.

My medicine for getting through the year 2020 and for the rest of my life.

And maybe it can be yours too.


Find yourself.

Be yourself.

Live yourself.

Love yourself.

Do all things knowing God is with you, FOR you, and HOLDING you all the way. Every day.


Look your best.

Laugh your best.

Smile your best (even behind the mask for now).

And starting today, BE your best...give to others because it's what we should do...not because it's a duty or a chore.

Give to YOURSELF because YOU deserve it.

Love hard. Love out loud. Love all (even when it's hard).


In other words:


And start living the best life you possibly can. 

Today is that day.





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