From Now On

From Now On 

Raise your hand if you have seen the movie “The Greatest Showman”. If you haven’t seen it let me begin with a short summary. This movie is about a man with a dream. He has many successes as well as setbacks and ultimately looses everything that was important to him. He hits rock bottom and with the help of friends he realizes that he is MOST successful with his family. At HOME. 

“From Now On” is the song the main character sings while having the revelation. The lyrics are powerful and inspiring. 

“I Drank champagne with Kings and Queens and the politicians praised my name” 

This man put his worth in who he knew and in his fame and fortune. He neglected his wife and children and his close friends to pursue what he thought to be bigger and better things. As I watched this mans life go from rags to riches to a dumpster fire and back I thought about my own life and how easily it can be to become so caught up in things that have temporary meaning.  No amount of fame and fortune... no matter who you know and may have wined and dined with, at the end of the day you need more. 

“But those were some else’s dreams the pitfalls of the man I became, for years and years I chased their cheers, a crazy speed of always needing more”

The dreams and aspirations the man had for himself and his family were jaded by his growing fame and fortune. The man was caught up in what he thought others wanted him to be and that ultimately was his greatest mistake. His success wasn’t enough. He wanted MORE. 

“But when I stop and see you here and I remember who all this was for” 

When his life is turned upside down and he has lost all hope he sees a photograph of his family. He then is hit with guilt and shame but at the same time he can see so clearly what his hard work and dedication was for. When he was at a place of despair he was reminded about what really mattered. 

“FROM NOW ON, these eyes will not be blinded by the lights... what’s waited til tomorrow starts tonight... and let this promise in my heart, like an anthem in my heart, FROM NOW ON” 

The man makes a proclamation that “from now on” he will not become distracted with the people and situations around him. He vows to keep his family and friends first and foremost in all his endeavors. 

As we have moved into this new year I have had several FROM NOW ON moments.  While most of us haven’t had the same experiences as the man in “The Greatest Showman” we can all agree that there has been a great deal of change lately. Good times, and bad times, successes, and failures. BIG life changes, the state of this world, the deaths of family members, and births of new ones. All of these things have made us different. So, I have made a “From Now On” list. 


love Jesus like never before, seek Him in ALL things big and small

love my family and serve them best I can

do everything I do as if it was for the Lord 

walk in the peace and rest that only Jesus can provide 

NEVER take meeting with fellow believers for granted

NEVER take hugs for granted 

love ALL people

We at Rosa Lee get to be part of something bigger than fashion and being part of the boutique world. (We all certainly enjoy that throughly and would not trade it for the world.) We get to see people. From the UPS and Post Office workers, to the beloved customers we GET to encounter them daily. We have a choice to be friendly and loving OR be busy about our own agendas therefore potentially missing out on something more. There is so much joy seeing a customer in tears at our checkout counter because they have won an unexpected prize. It’s inspiring and keeps us going doing what we do. 

Distraction comes easily to us. If we all make a decision to focus on our “From Now On” list, however different they may be, we have the opportunity to make our little part of the world a better place.

What will be on your “From Now On” list? (Comment Below!)

Love to you all, 

Anna @ Rosa Lee

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