Summer Trends and Making Them Your Own

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Trends: a general direction in which something is developing or changing

 When people hear the word trend some may roll their eyes and think “Ugh, everyone’s wearing it why should I” or some may grin with excitement and think, “I can’t wait to get one of those.” You may even laugh and think, “I can’t believe that’s a thing.” No matter which thought just ran through your mind when you saw the title of this blog, trends are for EVERYONE.  No matter your age, style preference, or body type you can totally get on board with these 5 Summer trends and make them your own


Here’s how to make the Top 5 Summer Trends your own and still keep your personal style!


Top 5 Summer Trends


1. Jogger Jeans

Jogger jeans are so IN right now! Everyone is on board with this casual cute trend. Just because they’re trending doesn’t mean we all have to wear them the same way. Throw these on with a graphic tee for a casual cutie look or wear them with your favorite shirt knotted on the side with your favorite wedge for a dressy diva look!


2. Acrylic Earrings

Seriously, acrylic earrings are on EVERY corner right now. But just because they’re popular doesn’t make them overrated. Acrylic earrings are a fun addition to ANY outfit. Rock your style by choosing colors and shapes that fit you. Rock a hoop for a classy effect or a star for an edgy add on!


3. Hair Clips

And NO! they are not just for young people! Rock your hair clip while still looking age appropriate and keeping with the trends. Pearls are a girl’s best friend and it doesn’t stop on a hair clip!


4. Hair Scarves

Talk about a trend! Hair scarves are exploding on social media. Hair scarves are the PERFECT way to showcase your personality! Prints say a lot about a person and how they’re feeling that day. Grab a cheetah one for when you’re feeling fierce, a polka dot for when you feel joyful, or a plain one for when you’re feeling calm and collected.



I mean… what more could you ask for in a shoe? This style can be found in sandals, wedges, platforms, and more! Add these to any outfit and you’re ready to take on the world. Wear them to work, on a date, to the grocery store and you will look like you’re ready for the runway.


So… trends aren’t just for the youngsters and can be molded to fit your style. Jump on board with these Summer trends to take your look to a whole new level!

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